Article Marketing – 4 Compelling Tips From Top Internet Marketers

Below are compelling tips that top article marketers would like you to know:

  1. Constantly increase the number of your articles. Here’s the truth; the more articles you write, the better your chances of succeeding in the field of article marketing. Remember, you’ll be able to build additional inbound links for your website each time you publish an article to directories and blogs. Writing more articles will also help you strengthen your expert status and will help you build great reputation in the online arena. So, spend more time in front of your computer and learn effective productivity tips. If you have the money to spare, you can also hire ghostwriters who can surely help you in producing the amount of articles that you need in order to reach your internet marketing goal.
  2. Quality is more important than quantity. One of the reasons why other people don’t succeed in article marketing is because they are more concern in writing more articles than giving their readers something valuable. I am not sure if they’re not aware that their readers will decide if they’ll visit their website based on the quality of their articles. If I were to read their articles and I’m not impressed, there’s no way that I’m going to click through the resource box. So, never sacrifice the quality of your copies no matter what happens. It’s better if you produce 3 high quality articles than hundreds of those that do not make any sense. Believe me, these will just ruin your credibility in the online arena.
  3. Using keywords is non-negotiable. One thing that you need to understand is that you’re going up against a lot of people who are also trying to get your potential clients to open and read their articles. You can outplay these people if you can get your articles to appear on top of relevant listings. Research confirms that online users usually just focus their attention on the first and second page of search results. That means, you’ll have better chances to get noticed if your articles are among the first 10 pages that are showing up on relevant listings. This is possible if you properly optimize your articles and if you target the right keywords.
  4. Help your readers and they’ll help you. Avoid giving your audience useless or general information. Instead, give them something that they’ll find useful. Instead of telling them how you came up with your domain name, offer them with insider tips, expert advice, and trade secrets. You can also offer them with guides (to help them reach their goals) or solutions to their problems. If you’re selling facial moisturizer for example, you can write articles that contain tips on how your prospects can take care of their skin. If these people were happy with your articles, they’ll surely respond to your call to action – they’ll visit your website, they’ll sign up to your email marketing list, and later on, I am sure, they’ll do business with you.

Internet Security Software Reviews – A Review of 3 Top Internet Security Programs

Finding the right internet security software can be a challenge. There are many security suites to choose from; and added to that, there are many features and tools to look at too. Your starting point should be internet security software reviews written by experts and customers.

And these reviews should tell you what other customers experienced during use. And the expert reviews will inform you of the tests and ratings they’ve undertaken.

We’ve carried out reviews on all the leading security packages. And the results we’ve seen confirm what other leading sites like Top Ten Reviews show.

So we’ve included below a summary of the key features and tools we’ve found in the Top 3 internet security programs.


BitDefender has been doing an excellent job of protecting against malware threats like viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware threats. It has received certifications from all the major test labs like AV-Test and Virus Bulletin. And these reveal its 100% effectiveness against viruses, spyware and other malware threats.

It has a two-way firewall that you won’t find in other security programs. And this feature allows you to connect to the internet with confidence whether you’re at home, office or on the road.

One disadvantage we’ve found with BitDefender is that it lacks a few features. These missing features are online backup, file shredding and file encryption. But you can of course get these features in their premium security software, BitDefender Total Security.

However, it has many good features and one of them is the gamer mode. This feature is designed to protect your PC will gaming. And it blocks all interruptions like scans and updates as you play games and watch videos on your PC.


Kaspersky has many protection features too including antivirus, antispyware, firewall and anti-spam protection. All these combine to provide an excellent shield against viruses, hackers, keyloggers, spyware, adware and many other threats.

It has two features that help protect your PC from online threats. And these features are Safe Surf and Safe Desktop. Safe Surf runs your browser in an isolated environment where every program and website is monitored to ensure it doesn’t harm your PC.

Unfortunately, Kaspersky doesn’t have a link scanner feature for search engines. This is a disappointing revelation for such a top internet security software program. And that’s because many other security programs now include this feature. It is used to detect and block sites that contain malware and phishing scams from harming you and your PC.


Webroot is best known for its spyware removal program, Webroot Spy Sweeper. This program is part of the internet security software package and is the best spyware protection software in the industry. It also works perfectly against adware, keyloggers and other threats that spy on your PC.

Its antivirus software has received the VB100% distinction from Virus Bulletin. This award shows that it has a 100% record for detecting all current ‘in the wild’ viruses. And it has been certified by other test labs like West Coast Labs and ICSA too.


So these are the top 3 internet security software programs and they have many other features and tools too. They also include other free features that help your PC run smoothly and save its resources too.

The Top 5 Resources for Touring Bands With Wireless Internet

Whether hitting the road as a hired gun or finally getting to go out and play more shows with a long-term group, being in a band that gets to go on tour can be as fun as it can be grueling. And for those who aren’t merely taking a weekend jaunt, the chance to explore the various options of playing live is one definitely worth taking, especially when it can mean making a whole lot more money than playing to the same crowds back home or trying to cell CDs on the web to people who have never heard one’s music. The only trouble is that sometimes, first-timers who aren’t experienced with being out there make mistakes that end up causing the band trouble, and sometimes, those mistakes can even lead to breaking up too soon.

Of course, it’s easy to avoid these pitfalls, and to make the entire touring experience enjoyable and cheerful for all involved. And in a more wired world, those who are out on tour can take advantage of the net to get all sorts of things accomplished that were considerably more difficult back in the day. Here are the top five resources for bands with wireless internet, designed to make the trip a success rather than a failure.

#1 – This is a great way to get around having to pay for hotel rooms for crashing, and a true superior alternative to curling up in the van with three or four other smelly people. With Couchsurfing, there are people willing to open their homes to strangers, providing insight into a local community while also not charging for a place to sleep. And for bands, who can be kind enough to do some cooking and also just be shown around a town, there’s an added pull to the community angle. It’s definitely worth looking into, especially for bands with fewer members and solo artists.

#2 – Craigslist: Whether it’s recovering stolen gear, figuring out if someone fell in love with the bass player via Missed Connections, or simply staying entertained, the fact is that Craigslist has always been a great resource. Even better for those groups who find themselves with multiple shows in a single city, and might need to look for a temporary room to share for a few days or a week.

#3 – Bandcamp: For those who want a place that people can listen to their music easily online with great graphics, this is the best. Bands out on tour can use WiMax to keep their Bandcamp profiles up to date with everything from recordings from soundchecks to tour diaries designed to entertain fans. And it’s also a great way to immediately follow up with anyone who might have seen a show and decided to book the group somewhere else, or at least pick up a CD.

#4 – Facebook: This is one of the number one ways that bands communicate with their fanbase, and being sure to be diligent about keeping things up to date is a great way to use WiMax while on the road. Throw up photos immediately after they happen, without even having to go into Facebook, thanks to the fact that Flickr and iPhoto are now integrated. It’s also another great way to field requests for shows and CDs and merch.

#5 – The local message board or Facebook group in any new town: Because promotion is a fact of life, and being able to find a venue online where people are actually interested in hearing that there’s going to be a great hip-hop duo or surf rock group might mean the chance to have more people at the show. And more people at the show means more cash, a more enjoyable experience, and a better time for all involved.