Top 5 Resources For Small Businesses

When running a small business, resources to help you plan, maintain and succeed in your business are pretty plentiful. Yet, like many other things in life, some are better than others. Knowing which ones work, or offer the most useful information, can often be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So here, in no particular order, are my Top 5 resources for small businesses.

Small Business Administration

Although primarily for the North American market, the Small Business Administration, or SBA, continues to offer one of the best support networks for small businesses everywhere. Now over 50 years old, the SBA promotes free competitive enterprise so that even the smallest business can succeed. They offer numerous invaluable services, including sourcing financing for your project, expert advice from successful small business owners themselves, SBA programs on employment and business laws, special interest business groups and much, much more. If you are serious about starting or running a small business in America, this should be one of your first ports of call.

Almost every small business starts off as an entrepreneurial idea. Sure, it may turn into a large multi-national conglomerate (just look at Richard Branson and his Virgin empire), but 8 times out of 10 any small business starts as a one-man band. So the information to be found at is well worth your time. Offering you the opportunity to sign up for free and advertise your business via IncBizNet, is designed exclusively for small businesses to find like-minded business people and network. The site also allows you to host a blog, post free press releases and much more. For any small business owner it is an excellent starting point.

All Business

Just like the name says, All Business is a fantastic website that has pretty much everything and anything you need to help you start, run and expand your small business. The site is very well laid out and shares expert advice on franchising, labor laws, marketing and advertising and how to complete legal forms, as well as offering tutorial videos from experts in your industry. It even has a Business Purchase Free Quote Center, enabling you get a free, no-obligation quote from vendors that sell the products you need.

Microsoft Small Business

Okay, so it might seem strange to recommend a behemoth like Microsoft – yet as much as he is often a figure of fun for many, Bill Gates is one of the key proponents of helping small businesses get off the ground. Whether it is making anonymous donations to thousands of small businesses with great ideas, or providing excellent small business tools with his various software solutions, his Microsoft Small Business Center is an extremely useful stopover for any small business owner. One of the prime reasons for this is that it is truly international – simply select your country from the menu, and you will be taken to a hub that is full of the business information you need. With articles, tips and software all leading to your success, the Microsoft Small Business Center should be added to your bookmarks today.

Smart Biz

With the Internet playing such a large role in allowing more small businesses the chance to start up in the first place, the Smart Biz website is a well of information for online resources. This includes useful information on how to choose an e-commerce partner (very important if you are selling anything from your website), what software is best to run your back office, what telecom networks are best for your business, what advertising or PR agency [] to use and much more. Although you can certainly take some of the advice on display here and transfer it to your offline business, Smart Biz is perfect for the online entrepreneur or small business owner.

While there are literally thousands of small business resources, I have found that these offer the best choice and knowledge, particularly for free resources. Of course, if you find they are not for you, a quick search on Google will soon get you where you need to go. But for anyone looking for online resources to help you get started whether your small business is online or bricks-and-mortar, the companies listed here are some of the best.

Internet Security for the Mac – Top Internet Security Programs for the Macintosh

If you’re thinking of protecting your Mac from malware threats, then you’re thinking clearly. And you’ve probably arrived at that decision after having weighed the pros and cons of having one or not, or you’ve been the victim of a recent malware attack.

Whatever the case, the belief that Macintosh systems are not vulnerable to threats is a fallacy. It may have been true for a brief period in the early evolutionary days of the Mac, but this isn’t true today. And these machines are equally coming under attack from hackers and malware threats

There are many antivirus programs that protect the Mac. And some leading programs like BitDefender, Symantec and Kaspersky have been developing this software for a while now. But internet security for the Mac is a fairly new concept, so you’ll only find a handful of programs that develop it.

Symantec Norton

Symantec is in the forefront of the battle against malware threats that attack Macs. Its software has been five years in development and doesn’t disappoint.

Tech Radar, one of the leading technology review sites, has rated it four stars out of five and shows that it has the right tools for phishing threats, identity theft and protection from malicious software threats.

Some of the features you get with Symantec Norton for Mac OS X are antivirus and firewall protection. The antivirus software has shown in tests to be very effective at virus detection and removal. And it doesn’t put any strain on resources as has been evident in other Symantec programs in the part.

Its firewall element is highly effective and Symantec recommends that you turn off the Mac OS X firewall to avoid crashes and get the maximum protection from it. You turn off the Mac firewall by going to System Preferences > Security > Firewall.


McAfee Internet Security for Mac is comprehensive protection from hackers, identity theft, malware and many other malicious software threats. It provides 1 year subscription for your Macintosh and it’s at one of the lowest prices online.

Some of the essential features and tools you get with it are Identity Protection, Anti-phishing, McAfee Firewall, External Drive, and Scanning & Disinfection. A threat you have to beware of online is phishing and this comes in many forms. McAfee has the right anti-phishing tools that protect you from phishing scams and social networking website attacks that are rising and are intent on stealing your personal information. So it allows you to email and chat with family and friends online with security and confidence.

Of course as a Mac user you’re not vulnerable to viruses and other malware threats that have traditionally attacked PCs and other systems. But the internet has changed part of this and Mac users are now just as susceptible to these risks as PC users.


There are a few other top internet security programs for Mac systems. And they provide many good tools and features, but they aren’t as effective as Norton and McAfee, who’ve been developing their programs for years now. Your choice between these two top programs will depend on your specific needs. And if cost is a major factor, then we recommend you download McAfee Internet Security for Mac, which is cheaper.

Looking For Paid Internet Jobs? How to Find the Top Internet Jobs

A lot of people are looking for paid internet jobs in this economy, so how to you find the right one for you? Finding top internet jobs is going to be a different process for everyone.

I will walk you through some steps to avoid the scams and find a lucrative business that you can run from anywhere. First lets talk about why internet jobs are so sought after.

To begin, they allow you to work remotely from anywhere with internet access. This allows the freedom that many people are looking for.

Secondly, the internet is still an untapped resource. At any given moment, there are countless millions of people surfing the net. With those types of odds, the chances are pretty good that there are a few thousand in your niche!

OK, so how do you find the job that is right for you? Well to begin, you need to think about what you see yourself doing and what you enjoy.

If you see yourself as more of a laborer, you can try to get a telecommuting job doing book keeping or accounting.

The big trend we are seeing right now is people looking to actually start their own business from home. You can pair up with any variety of companies that can offer people the ability to run their own business from home. This puts you in prime position to profit from this movement towards working from home.

This also allows you to leverage the people who work for you. YOu can draw an income by placing people underneath you and have them generate the actual business for you!

This field is still relatively untapped in relation to the amount of people using the internet today.

I Recommend doing your research and ultimately going with your gut on a company you feel will set you up for success.

Good luck out there!